Head of Data & AI
Zühlke Group

I love solving customer problems with technology. My journey to the 'dark side', as business development is known to software engineers, began when I realised that there is an art and science to people and businesses development.

With that realisation I left technology as a profession and jumped into the world of business and people: building companies and teams. I enjoy applying analytic insights to the management process and in the process of building several companies in APAC, learned some things about myself:

I create value
- I can start from zero and grow a company in APAC to multi-million dollars in revenue
- I build high performance teams
- I love a personal victory, but helping the team win is the biggest victory
- I make data driven decisions on where/when to make business investments
- I excel at the execution of sales plans within business constraints

I am a data storyteller
- I can speak both tech and exec
- I tell motivating, data driven narratives
- I create beautiful, compelling visual presentations of data

Improving yourself never stops
- Cultural awareness is key to business in the region; learning culture is a never-ending process
- I take the latest psychological research to improve my own mind and help others improve
- I still study statistics, machine learning and A.I.
- Leadership is a skill, it must be studied and practiced